Starting from
$10.00 USD
E-mail Domain Basic Hosting and support
Total price starts at $10/mo
More & Cheaper Disk Space
30 GB space included; $0.50/GB for more
Good SLA (Service Level Agreement)
Backups Included
Starting from
$10.00 USD
E-mail Domain Premium Filtering
• Filter all email
All email that you receive for your domain will be filtered for the best protection - even email that is sent from other people in your domain outbound.
• Filter aliases
You can protect a large number of addresses and aliases at different domains without having to purchase one license for every email address protected. Instead, licenses are purchased on a per-user basis.
• Fast setup
Setup takes only minute — even for domains with thousands of users.
• Fast Delivery
Does not slow down your message reception rate.
• Filtering Only
Order Premium Email Filtering even if your email is not hosted with PMI.
• Fail Safe
Ensure that your messages are delivered in the case of a server outage.
• Outbound and Continuity
Ensure your sent messages are just as safe as the ones you receive, or monitor the content of sent messages.
Premium Email Filtering is the premium alternative to PMI's Basic Spam and Virus filter. You can compare their features or continue reading for more information on Premium Email Filtering. Keep your Inbox as secure as possible with our Premium Email Filtering.
General features and controls
• Customizable Filters to give you better and more personal control over your inbox.
• One of the most comprehensive email filtering solutions available.
• Uses sophisticated quarantine methods to block the most Spam.
• Spam and virus filtering
• Spam filter blocks 99% of Spam while still leading in low false positive rates.
• Virus filtering continually updated to ensure strong defense against the latest threats.
• McAfee, Sophos, and Authentium software used, with virus scanning features updated every five minutes.
• Zero Day Worm Threat Protection to block mass mailing worms and viruses as soon as possible.
• Content and attack guards
• Filters malicious content and attachments using customized controls and settings.
• Protects you from embedded links using our Click Protection feature.
• Shields your account from SMTP-based attacks such as email flooding and Denial of Service attacks.
• Conceals your actual mail servers and gateways from public view
• Optional features
$1.50 USD
$0.50 Setup Fee
E-mail Premium Filtering User Account
If you are receiving a significant amount of email through a large number of email aliases, you may be required to purchase licenses for these aliases as if they were regular users. You will be notified ahead of time if this becomes necessary.
• $1.50 per user per month standard base price
• No minimums email hosting clients! You can purchase as few as one user license.
• $10.00 per month minimum for customers with their own non-PMI email hosting solution.
• Licenses must be purchased for each user in your domain.
• Licenses do not need to be purchased for your aliases/forwards as long as you have a reasonable number of aliases. If you want to have more than 10 aliases for every licensed user in your account, then you will need to purchase 1 additional license for every 10 aliases -- terms subject to approval and adjustment PMI management based on your situation.
$1.35 USD
$1.00 Setup Fee
Email User Account(s)
Web+Email Program Access User Bundle
$1.35 /user/mo
The Web and Email Program Access bundle of user services provides Basic Spam and Virus Filtering along with everything that you need to access your services from our web interface or your email program.
WebAides collaboration tools
POP remote email access with SSL and TLS support
IMAP remote email access with SSL and TLS support
SMTP outbound email sending with SSL and TLS support and alternate ports and IP masking/anonymization
Basic Email Filtering
$8.99 USD
Per User Secureline Premium HIPPA E-mail Bundle
This is priced per user. Includes Secureline to enable HIPPA compliance, Premium enforced e-mail filtering (PEF) with message continuity in case server goes down. Hosted on secure server dedicated for HIPPA encrypted e-mails. 1 year Archival Bundle.
$15.00 USD
Secureline Domain
Domain to host HIPPA encryption.
$3.00 USD
Secureline Email Hosting
Requires a business associate agreement. Another account restrictions agreement is required which is required by the hosting company how they limit the account to enforce HIPPA compliancy. Set to force outgoing encryption on each email. All connections to a HIPPA account must use Secure Connections such as POP, IMAP and SMTP using our SSL unless you want to use your own SSL for websites or Private branding.
$0.00 USD
$10.00 Setup Fee
With G Suite Basic, your clients have access to a professional office suite of
Business email through Gmail
Get business email addresses with the company name (you@yourcompany). Also create group email aliases such as sales@yourcompany.
Video and voice conferencing
Meet face to face with the team using easy-to-join HD video calls. Connect up to 25 people within or outside of the organization with a simple, shareable link.
Secure team messaging
Send direct or group messages with Hangouts Chat for easier team collaboration.
Shared calendars
Use shareable calendars to easily schedule meetings with teammates. Calendar integrates seamlessly with Gmail to respond events, Drive to attach files, and Hangouts to have video conferences.
Documents, spreadsheets and presentations
Create and edit text documents, robust spreadsheets, and beautiful presentations across devices. Share files with teammates and work in the same file at the same time. No more version control issues or emailing files back and forth.
30GB Cloud storage
Use Drive to keep all work files in one secure place with 30GB of cloud-based file storage per user. Access files whenever needed from a laptop, phone, or tablet.
Use G Suite for business email, video conferencing, cloud storage, and file sharing. Get all the tools any team needs to collaborate and get more done. Used by millions of businesses across a variety of industries, G Suite makes working together a whole lot easier.