Internet Marketing

2001-5000 Contact List Management

Groom Opt-in Lists for Internet Marketing programs. Collect and maintain. Provide Access to client on secure server.

Domain Search

Research on 3 names based on the business needs. SEO friendly based on search information on how many people search on the word or phrase.

E-Mail Newsletters Setup

Select Template and populate with content. Write and edit. Prepare images.

E-Newsletter Banner Design

Create banner for electronic newsletter.

Google Remarketing Ad Palcement and Buy

Media Buy Service for Ad Placement on Google. This does not include the budget amount.

PURL Premium

100,000 PURLs

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 1x

Rewriting supplied and researched material, Titling Pages, Meta Descriptions, and Meta Tags.
Informative Page content (500 Words) based on your keyword topic. Page content focused on the topic described in the Title Tag. The content will be rich in text. All the important information will be included as text. Meta Descriptions are summaries of the page seen in the search results.

SEO Key Word and Phrases Research

Reading of material to select a minimum of 12 keywords at $10 each to optimize the website on. Google keyword tools will be used to develop a report on them to show how many people searched on these terms. Client will approve the selection before writing begins.

SEO Monthly 6 Month Package

This is a a six month package focusing on keeping the website fresh with keyword rich content. Google likes fresh new content so this helps in your ranking. Additional Listing on with banner ad. 4 facebook posts with graphics.

SEO Training

Live training on how to use google analytics, trends and manuals to optimize a site on a regular basis.

E-mail Newsletters

Design Template with content