$15.95 USD

EPN - Audio Jack Extender
Allows ePNMobile Pro Reader to be used with devices that have a recessed audio jack.
$84.95 USD

EPN - MagStripe Reader and POS Hardware
MagTek® Mini USB MagStripe Swipe Card Reader - includes Ground shipping. Bi-directional read capability, rated for 1,000,000 passes, includes USB interface.
$17.95 USD
$34.95 Setup Fee
EPN - Point Of Sale
Internet Setup for web related uses. - Does not include 10¢ per Transaction Fee
$3.99 USD
$14.95 Setup Fee
ePNMobile licenses
ePNMobile is a program that merchants can install on their Android 4.4 and iOS 8, or higher, compatible Smart Phones and Tablets that will allow them or their employees to process transactions remotely without having to log into the eProcessingNetwork Merchant Support Center. Internet Setup for web related uses. - 10¢ per Transaction Fee is additional.
ePNMobile can process swiped credit card transactions at swiped rates using various MagStripe Reader / Printer hardware as well as manually-keyed credit card transactions.
$44.95 USD

ePNMobile Pro Secure Card Reader
Portable Encrypted Audio Jack MagStripe reader.
$17.95 USD
$34.95 Setup Fee
Internet Setup and monthly Fee
Internet Setup for web related uses. - 10¢ per Transaction Fee is additional. Includes integrations and recur. Gift Card, BillPay and Cart are separate.
$89.95 USD

Premier Verify SC - EMV chip card reader
• Magnetic Stripe Card Reader Dual tracks
• Bluetooth® 4.0 and Micro USB Communication Interface
• Supports over-the-air firmware updates
• Charging Via Micro USB, 420 EMV transactions, or 700 magnetic card swipe transactions per full charge
• DUKPT, MK/SK Key Management
• TDES Encryption Algorithm
$9.95 USD
$17.95 Setup Fee
Online Terminal Setup and Monthly Fees
Setup and access to Online access to terminal - 10¢ per Transaction Fee is additional. The first 250 transaction are no charge. Customer manager, inventory and BIllPay additional.